We’re Growing FirstMark’s Talent Team — Join Us!

  • Talent Associate, Engineering who will help companies at all stages build outstanding engineering teams
  • Talent Associate, Executive who will help recruit C-level leaders and focus particularly on working with our breakout consumer investments

What You’ll Do

  • Work with founders. You’ll work closely with founders in the FirstMark portfolio to understand their most important hiring needs.
  • Source and connect great talent. Build relationships with great operators, and find the perfect role/company fit between their interests and our portfolio’s needs.
  • Cultivate a network. Through your work, you’ll build an extensive network of talent to activate when the right opportunities arise.
  • Build teams and companies. In addition to helping founders build teams, you’ll become a trusted partner for all things talent — from understanding how to build a recruiting engine, to thinking through compensation best practices, and beyond.

Who You Are

  • Hands-on recruiting experience: you have 1–3 years of recruiting experience, generally in-house at (or working closely with) startups
  • Great communicator: you are confident and poised, and able to communicate with candidates ranging from recent graduates to senior leaders
  • Organization & prioritization: you’re able to handle multiple, concurrent searches and projects
  • Curious about technology: you’re interested in the tech ecosystem, and use that curiosity to become a better recruiter

What It Means for Your Career

  • Learn how great companies are built. You will deeply understand how the best teams and companies are built from the ground up through your work with founders.
  • Learn something new every day. We have the privilege of working with many different companies in parallel, in different industries and at different stages of development. You will learn continuously from all of those experiences.
  • Cultivate a personal network. As part of your work, you’ll meet hundreds of exceptional people every year and build real relationships; with founders, with candidates, and with peers in the ecosystem.
  • Master the craft of recruiting. At FirstMark, you’ll not only become a master of how to be a great recruiter–you’ll also develop a strategic understanding of how to build teams.

How to Apply

  • Your resume and/or LinkedIn profile
  • Your favorite piece of recruiting technology
  • Whether you’re interested in Engineering recruiting, Executive recruiting, or both




Early-stage venture capital in NYC. firstmarkcap.com

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Early-stage venture capital in NYC. firstmarkcap.com

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