Rick Heitzmann, FirstMark Founder & Partner, Named to 2020 Midas List

Today, we are incredibly proud to announce that Rick Heitzmann, Founder & Partner at FirstMark, has been named to the 2020 Forbes Midas List.

The Midas List is widely regarded as the pinnacle distinction bestowed upon a select group of investors each year. Here’s a brief passage by Forbes on Rick’s story and a handful of his most notable investments:

“Shortly after cofounding FirstMark Capital during the 2008 recession, Heitzmann met two young founders at an NYU business plan contest who foresaw a sea change from a text-based world to an image-based one. Their idea became Pinterest, and Heitzmann, the lead investor in its $525,000 seed round in 2009, eventually enjoyed a reported 1,900x return multiple when it went public at a market capitalization in April 2019 of $12.7 billion. “Nothing’s easy, especially when you’re starting in a recession, but it makes you gritty,” says Heitzmann, who is also an investor in Airbnb, Dashlane, Discord, DraftKings, Hubble, Ro Health and Upwork, and who previously was the first institutional investor in Riot Games and StubHub.”

Read the full announcement and explore the list here.

Congratulations, Rick!

FirstMark is an early-stage venture capital firm. Based in NYC, we’re a small, passionate, and dedicated team of professionals committed to growing our community and helping our companies access the information and connections they need to scale. Many of our companies have grown to define their industries, such as Pinterest (social media), Shopify (e-commerce) or Riot Games (games)

and we’re hiring!




Early-stage venture capital in NYC. firstmarkcap.com

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Early-stage venture capital in NYC. firstmarkcap.com

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