Rick Heitzmann: How I Think About Venture Capital

Excerpts from my chat with Harry on Twenty Minute VC

On my path into venture capital

On the value of being an entrepreneur before a VC

On why you should start your company in NYC

On the best format for board meetings

  • People — The most important thing going on in companies of almost any size ie. where your human capital is and where you might have to make a change or supplement
  • Product — There might be demo or a product roadmap discussion where you’re able to say where the product is today and where it’s going. This is important because the product is really the heart of your economic engine.
  • Performance—This is output of the prior two items. If great people and producing and selling, it shows in operating and financial performance. This is generally not a place to walkthrough super granular performance because everybody’s already (or should’ve already) read the documents prior to the meeting. If they had questions, they’ve already asked them offline or at dinner.

On how to be an entrepreneur’s “first call”

On how founders can prepare for a downturn in the market

On the biggest lesson I’ve learned in how to win the best deals



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