How Gong’s Product Strategy Cultivates Raving Fans

3 Lessons from Gong’s Chief Product Officer

Be User Obsessed, Not Buyer Obsessed

One of the most important product decisions Gong had to make early on was to focus the product either on its buyers (the economic decision maker) or its end users (the salespeople who would actually be using Gong day-to-day).

“The only thing that matters is the customer’s opinion.”

Have Clear Design Principles: Minimal, Efficient, Low Input

In Gong’s product, every detail of the customer experience is designed intentionally and reviewed with a fine-toothed comb. If that sounds like a lot of work, it is. Remember, Gong is trying to generate raving fans. To do this yourself, Eilon focuses on the few key elements that move the needle most on customer experience. To really impress and satisfy users, you need products that are minimal, efficient, and low input. Here are Gong examples that illustrate each principle:

“Instead of asking users to input data, I’m actually trying to be sophisticated around what I can intuitively present to the user and get the product to work for them, rather than them working to use the product. People appreciate it because we’re all in a world where cognitive load is everything.”

Focus on the Long-Term Vision

When Gong first started, its product focused on one use case: conversation intelligence. But as the company became a leading player in the space, Gong leaders began exploring other potential use cases, eventually expanding to deal intelligence, market intelligence, and more.

“In the short term, this was arguably a less customer-centric vision. But we had confidence that our long-term vision would delight customers once it unfolded. And that’s exactly what happened.”

Looking (and acting) ahead was a hard decision at the time, but eventually, sure enough, customers understood and appreciated the company’s deliberate product investments, delighted by features they didn’t realize would be helpful to them. Pleasantly surprising your users with features they haven’t even thought of is one of the first steps in the fan to raving fan transformation.

Building Your Own Collection of Raving Fans

Eilon illustrated the result of a product that cultivates raving fans with one of his favorite public customer quotes: “If sales/revenue intelligence platforms were people, I’d marry Gong. Smart, funny, sensitive, do what they say they’ll do, good listeners, offer insightful advice, constantly evolving. What more can I ask for?”



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