How Etsy Evolved Product Prioritization Through Growth

Lessons from Etsy’s Chief Product Officer

The Core Business: The Vital Few

  • Best-in-Class Search and Discovery
  • Human Connections
  • A Trusted Brand
  • Our Collection of Unique Items

Investing in Growth: Portfolio Theory

  • Improvement: Optimizing existing experiences with the highest level of confidence in the near-term.
  • Expansion: Building new products and experiences with lower certainty and a medium term impact horizon.
  • New Business: Finding new business opportunities, which have a high potential impact but with many more unknowns and a longer term investment horizon.

Staying Focused: Focus Flywheel

  • Weekly Experiment Review: The weekly experiment review is the most granular review of the Product org’s work. The meeting is led by the Analytics team and is attended by senior Product and Engineering leaders. The focus of the weekly review is to discuss the learnings from the completed experiments from the previous week.
  • CEO Monthly Metrics Meeting: The monthly metrics meeting serves as an accountability gut check across all functional areas of the business, and is attended by senior leaders across the company. At the meeting, the Product org shares progress towards goals across the full product portfolio as well as at a more granular initiative level.
  • Quarterly Product Reflection: The goal of the Quarterly Product Reflection meeting is for the entire Product org to zoom out across the whole portfolio of priorities and discuss one key question: “Do we have more or less confidence in our ability to achieve the outcomes that we set out to accomplish at the end of the quarter versus at the beginning of the quarter?” The meeting allows the org to evaluate the effectiveness of their current strategy and decide whether to stay the course or pivot.

Narrowing Your Focus



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