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  • Zachariah Reitano

    Zachariah Reitano

    Co-founder and CEO of @Ro

  • Jeetu Patel

    Jeetu Patel

  • John Egan

    John Egan

    CoFounder and CEO of Vault (

  • Simon Bolz

    Simon Bolz

    Co-Founder @ Klara

  • Jack Cohen

    Jack Cohen

    Days at @FirstMark | Nights at | Insatiably curious. 🌱 I (used to) write here daily. 👋🏽 Now at

  • Catherine (Kit) Ulrich

    Catherine (Kit) Ulrich

    product & tech obsessed. lover of behavior change. vc @firstmark. former cpo @shutterstock and @weightwatchers.

  • Robbie Mitchell

    Robbie Mitchell

    Ops at —understand and act on what happens in your customer conversations

  • Danielle Morrill

    Danielle Morrill

    CEO & Cofounder of @Mattermark

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