FirstMark is Hiring a Platform Associate

Help us build the most impactful communities in venture

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FirstMark is a venture capital fund that invests in technology startups. We are proud to work with entrepreneurs who have built iconic companies like Shopify, DraftKings, Pinterest, Airbnb, and dozens of others. Today, we count 75+ startups as members of the FirstMark family.

Our Platform team provides extensive resources and support to accelerate the success of companies in the FirstMark family. We do that by connecting founders and their teams with talent, customers, and expertise.

As a firm, we operate multiple communities that create extraordinary value for FirstMark-backed founders, their teams, and for the tech ecosystem at large.

These institutions include our Driven series, an open event community for tens of thousands of leaders in AI, Big Data, Design, and Frontier Technology; five flagship conferences for CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CROs that unite the most exceptional operators in tech; and Guilds, which are members-only communities for CXOs in tech.

Building these communities is core to FirstMark’s mission. Our communities are a key reason that founders choose to work with us. They elevate the stories of the teams that we have proudly backed. And they enable us to build countless meaningful relationships with the next generation of iconic founders and executives.

Note: we are also hiring for Corporate Development on the FirstMark Platform team. Click here to learn more.

Who We’re Looking For

This role is very much a generalist role, and we are looking for a candidate with a broad set of skills who can not only execute our current playbook, but also creatively expand what’s possible across our communities.

This role will require you to wear many hats and use a wide set of skills — event management, content creation, community-building, marketing, and beyond. While there is no “average” day on our Platform team, here are some of the things you might do in a single day:

  • Host a Data Driven event that features two of the most prominent CEOs in tech, and draws hundreds of guests from our community of ~20,000
  • Conduct a People Practices survey of 150+ People Leaders to uncover the core and emerging technology in the people/HR stack, benchmark benefits, and more
  • Create compelling and insightful content, leveraging the 200+ speakers we welcome across our communities every year

We believe a variety of backgrounds and experience levels can succeed in this role, particularly candidates coming from a startup background in marketing, content, community, or operations.

Put simply: if you are passionate about technology, connecting people, and building meaningful communities, we’d love to hear from you.

How To Apply

  • Links to your online presence (primarily your LinkedIn and other professional social profiles) to help us get to know you better
  • One-paragraph summary of your key accomplishments at your most recent (or current) job
  • Sample email you would use to invite a prominent tech CTO to host a private AMA with our CTO community
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