Always Be Closing: tactics for recruiting in-demand candidates

1. Provide a great candidate experience from the start

It’s the little things: Gusto promotes humanity and transparency by whiteboarding a personalized greeting and schedule for each onsite interview.

2. Pair program in your production code base

3. Quick turnaround and fast communication

“The number one lifehack to putting employee butts in seats is to respond to emails in a timely manner.” — Kelly Sutton, Gusto engineer

Visualization of one engineer’s interview process with Gusto vs. another company. Notice that “Slow Co” went dark for a week — an all-too-common occurrence that reads poorly for job candidates.

4. Personalized demo account based on candidates’ hobbies and interests

5. Group offer calls

Go ahead, celebrate.

6. Emails from the interview team (and leadership) post-offer

7. Thoughtful, personal gifts, and/or dinner at your home

8. Phone calls with investors when appropriate

“Recruiting is one of the greatest impacts we can have as a VC firm; we spend a significant portion of our time helping our companies address that challenge. Anything we can do to nurture excellent candidates is well worth it.’’ — Amish Jani, Managing Director at FirstMark Capital.




Early-stage venture capital in NYC.

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Early-stage venture capital in NYC.

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